Commercial Property Sales and Lettings

RICS LogoWe follow the RICS Commercial real estate agency standards which are the definitive set of standards for all agents involved with sales, lettings and management of commercial property.

We have been involved in the sale, letting and management of commercial properties for over 30 years and, as such, are confident that the service we offer is second to none.

Commercial Property Sales and LettingsWe have an extensive mailing list and offer services such as; virtual tours and the drawing-up of floorplans to make your property stand out from the crowd.

If you have a property that you would like to sell or let then feel free to contact us by phoning 01943 817747 or by email by clicking here  (mail(a)ohco•co•uk)  .

Energy Performance Certificates

EPCAn EPC presents a building’s energy efficiency in a sliding scale from ‘A’ (very efficient) to ‘G’ (least efficient). A recommendations report setting out how the rating could be improved accompanies every EPC. It will quantify the property’s calculated potential energy performance with an ‘asset rating’, which is presented in a form similar to the system used to rate white goods such as fridges and washing machines.

BREThe EPC must be issued by an energy assessor belonging to a government-approved accreditation scheme.

James O’Hearne (a partner at O’Hearne Consultants) qualified as a Non Domestic Energy Assessor through the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in September 2009.  He is qualified to produce non-domestic energy certificates up to and including Level 3 buildings.

Do I need an EPC?

The flow chart below shows whether or not you require an EPC for your commercial building.

Flowchart for ascertaining if an EPC is required
Figure 1 – Source ISURV website [Robert Corbyn]

When do I need an EPC?

As of the 6 April 2012 new regulations brought in by the Department of Communities and Local Government (DGCL) mean that an EPC should be commissioned within 7 days of the property being marketed and that a copy of the EPC is ‘attached’ to the written particulars for sale.

Trading Standards Officers will have the power to require the owner, landlord or agent to produce the EPC or evidence that it has been commissioned.

If you have commercial property that you are thinking of marketing for sale or let then either contact us on 01943 817747 or by email and we will be pleased to speak to you about your options and to provide a quote.

For more detailed information visit the DCLG web site by clicking here.


Our clients use us to search and acquire properties for them for a number of reasons.  Typically these reasons may include:

  • lack of time, manpower or expertise;
  • the need for expert advice;
  • insufficient knowledge of, or being new to an area;
  • frustration from not finding the right property;
  • hoping to beat the market (finding out about properties before they come onto the market).

After we have agreed a brief with our clients, we will conduct a search of the market using our extensive range of contacts within the industry, to find properties that meet an agreed criteria and produce a report detailing our findings.

Once we have agreed upon suitable properties we will arrange preliminary viewings, with or without the client, and hone down the list of suitable properties.

Upon selecting a suitable property we will (if required) place offers and progress sales on the clients behalf, keeping them updated every step of the way until the end of the process.

If you would like more information about our acquisitions service please call on 01943 817747 or email us by clicking here  (mail(a)ohco•co•uk)  .

Valuations and Surveys

We conduct valuations on behalf of private clients and institutions.  We are valuation panel members, including The Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest, for whom we provide valuations for secured lending purposes.

Valuation Standards

We conduct all our valuations in accordance with the standards contained within the RICS Valuation Standards, commonly known as “The Red Book”.

The principal aims of the standards contained in the Red Book are set out in paragraph 1.2 of the introduction:

‘The purpose of the RICS Global valuation standards is to provide an effective framework, within the Rules of Conduct, so that users of valuation services can have confidence that a valuation provided by an RICS member is objective and delivered in a manner that is consistent with internationally recognised standards including those set by IVSC. There is a mandatory obligation placed on the individual valuer, or firm registered for regulation by RICS, to follow these standards and an effective sanction in the case of a material breach.’

The standards set out procedural rules and guidance for valuers in the conduct of most types of valuation instructions. They set a framework for best practice in the execution and delivery of valuations for different purposes.

Valuation or Survey?

It is important to appreciate that a valuation is not a building survey. The Valuer will have regard to apparent defects and wants of repair and will take into account the use and nature of the property. The Valuer will not, however, carry out the detailed search for defects which is undertaken as part of a building survey, nor necessarily report the various defects observed.

Similarly, it is extremely difficult to check whether potentially harmful or hazardous materials or techniques have been used in the construction of a building, or have been incorporated subsequently, without an investigation, possibly including chemical analysis, by a specialist surveyor or structural engineer.

If the Client requires not just a valuation but also some form of survey, we will be prepared to provide this and/or arrange specialist investigations if the Client so wishes. Of course, such additional work and responsibility involves a higher fee.

What Will it cost?

There are no national scale fees and the fee in each case will depend upon the nature and extent of the work.

Please contact us if you require further information or a quote for a valuation or survey on 01943 817747 or email us by clicking here.